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Requiremnents Network Einloggen
Created by Werner Krings, Tani GmbH
Date: 2019.04.24

Network requirements

Firewall settings

Tani supports both ip variants - the older one with addresses as, and the newer ip v6 protocol as fda8:2f8b:87c:1::1

The Tani software uses the following server ports

The Tani software can use the following ports

All of this are the default ports. With the only exception of Siemens port 102 the user can change all of this ports. The user can configure raw connections using any port.

If OSI/H1 is installed and licensed this will use OSI frames on the network.

If the station search driver is installed this will use Profinet frames on the network.

Network ports for each process

Internal communication between the Tani software parts

UNIX sockets (Linux), Named pipes (Windows)