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Tani networks in industry

Build for Industry 4.0
You are using databases for your process data ?
You will need quickly a CSV file for exchanging data with other programs like Excel ?
Your plants consist brand new and sometimes very old controller types ?
Your SCADA software will need information from the controllers or the databases ?
You are using Linux, but Windows also ? Or both ?

With Tani PLC Engine Collect and the integrated OPC Server this is realized quickly.
All will run on the PC and the small and cheap devices. Put them into the cabinets directly.
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Euromap, UMATI and PackML with PLC Engine Collect.
This and other UA standards facilitate industry 4.0.
Do your machine with the simply to use OPC UA Modeler.
Be flexible. Make your machines fit for the future.
If you would like to connect your device to a PLC, to sensors or a database, please ask us.
The Tani PLC Engine Collect runs nearly all over, or we adapt them.
In greater environments BACnet with BBMD will be more simple. BBMD stands for "BACnet Broadcast Management Device".
Comfortable speedup with COV. COV stands for "Change of Value".

Product Highlights

Simple, open, fast.
Works with JSON requests over sockets.
For all web servers.
With element browsing.
PLC Engine Collect PLC Engine Collect, the swiss knife, collects data, processes them, handles databases and files.
Graphical configuration, lot of wizards and diagnostics.
Tani OPC Server OPC Server "All in One" for popular controllers.
Siemens, Wago, Rockwell, Mitsubishi and more.
OPC UA and Classic OPC.
For Windows, Linux, Raspberry and others.

More and more devices in industry require data from a running plant. This is important e.g. for dispatchers sending data into a cloud.
Tani offers OPC server, database access, data collection and calculation and PLC access for your system or device also. If you are a supplier and need access to industrial controllers, sensors and other devices Tani is open for your requests. We would be happy to tell you how a connection can be technically implemented via the effort involved.

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